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A divorce can be simple/uncontested, or it can be complex. No matter the degree of difficulty, you need experienced representation. The Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, Law Offices of Allan C. Perry, Esq., can guide you through the legal process, and inform you of all your options. Contact us for a confidential consultation about your pending divorce. When you hire us, you will never say, "I wish my attorney would have told me."

When a couple decides to get divorced, it can open the door to several difficult issues that need to be resolved. If a prenuptial agreement is in place it may help the process, but it may not be as simple as you think. Sometimes incomes change, properties are acquired, and families grow so these issues need to be discussed and considered in terms of an overall settlement agreement. That is why it is extremely important to have a qualified divorce attorney by your side to help guide you through this difficult and complicated time in your life.

Allan Perry has handled both simple and complex divorce cases just like yours. He is well versed in the areas of:

  • Fault/No-Fault Divorce
  • Complex High Asset Divorce
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Separation & Annulment
  • Equitable Distribution of Property, Investments, and Retirement Benefits
  • Child Custody
  • Support
  • Alimony

Montgomery County PA Divorce Attorney Allan C. Perry Can Help You Through The Process

So what should you know about the divorce process? Generally, there are three stages to a divorce:

  • Filing for a Divorce
  • Building your Case
  • Settlement/Trial

Filing for a Divorce: In order to start the process of divorce, either the husband or the wife (Plaintiff) must file a petition to the courts. In Pennsylvania you do not need a lawyer when filing a Complaint in Divorce with the Court. Although, a lawyer is not required, it is my opinion that a lawyer should be retained in these proceedings. Often times I have clients who have retained my services after they have filed their Complaint in Divorce only to find that changes/modifications are required to that document which only complicates the divorce proceeding further. In addition, the changes often take more of my time than it would have taken had I prepared and filed the original documents with the Court.

Building your Case: In order to give your Montgomery County PA divorce attorney what they need, the husband or wife will need to gather the necessary financial records and other important documents that show your income levels and assets for both yourself and your spouse including bank statements, retirement accounts, tax returns, property deeds etc.

Settlement/Trial: In many instances, cases do not go to trial. Rather the parties, through the assistance of their attorneys, are able to reach an agreement as to the specific terms pertaining to the divorce action. When a settlement is reached it is memorialized in a written document called a “Property Settlement Agreement (PSA).” The PSA reflects the specific terms of the parties’ agreement. The PSA will enumerate the specific economic terms agreed upon by the parties, including but not limited to property division. Sometimes the PSA will also include provisions confirming issues regarding Custody and Support. Every PSA is different and must be tailored to the specific facts and needs of the parties involved.

  1. Each side has more control and is more comfortable than leaving the decision up to a judge.
  2. The length of time of the case may be dramatically reduced as you could be waiting months or even years before the trial is over.
Your attorney’s fees will be lower than proceeding to Court. Trials are expensive due to the extensive amount of time required for trial preparation. If the case does reach trial, each party will have a chance to present their side of the case. The length of the actual trial can vary depending on the complexity of matters. The Judge’s decision after trial is final unless one or both of the parties file an Appeal to a higher Court.

How Long Does it Take To Get a Divorce In Pennsylvania?

If an individual files a Complaint in Divorce requesting a mutual consent divorce each party will required to sign an Affidavit of Consent after a 90-day waiting period has expired. . Both parties will be required to sign and file their respective Affidavit of Consent with the Court in order to proceed with a mutual consent divorce. If one party decides not to sign and file their Affidavit of Consent it may be necessary for the moving party to proceed with a 2 year separation divorce at the appropriate time. The specifics on how to proceed should be discussed, at length, with your attorney. In addition to the above no-fault causes of action Pennsylvania still permits parties to proceed for a divorce pursuant to specific fault grounds, including but not limited to indignities and adultery. Again, there are pros and cons regarding whether to proceed with a fault ground divorce. Each case is different and therefore the specific facts of your case will need to be discussed with your attorney in order for you to proceed properly and efficiently in your divorce action.

Over 35 Years of Experience in Montgomery County and Bucks County Divorce Courts

When you retain attorney Allan Perry for your divorce, you will get a competent divorce lawyer with over 35 years of experience in the family law courts of Montgomery County and Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Before starting the law firm of Allan C. Perry, Esq., Mr. Perry led the matrimonial law sections for two highly-regarded Philadelphia law firms.

The Law Offices of Allan C. Perry has helped numerous people through the emotionally stressful times of marital separation or the dissolution of a marriage. We have handled everything from a simple divorce to protracted legal fights involving multi-million dollar estates. We will research your situation thoroughly and conduct all due diligence necessary to help you navigate your way through debt and property division issues. At the Law Offices of Allan C. Perry, we will treat you as a person, not just a client. Each case is unique. All families are not the same. Your case will be personalized to your specific situation.

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